Local Weather Forecast

Local Weather Forecast

  • Thunderstorm equity may cause rain
  • Mavtha forecast in areas including Saurashtra
  • Rainfall forecast in Bharuch, Amreli, Bhavnagar, Anand. 

The state meteorological department has forecast unseasonal rains. Thunderstorm activity may cause unseasonal rains in some areas including Saurashtra, Mavthu, Bharuch, Amreli, Bhavnagar, Anand and other districts. The meteorological department has forecast normal weather for subsequent two days. The meteorological department has forecast normal rains in some districts of the state for subsequent two days. May need to .

Hourly & Daily Weather Forecast
You can see the of weather forecast for each city in the world up to 10 days ahead. Detailed weather information for each hour, check temperature, precipitation, air pressure, wind speed, humidity.

 Monsoon may are available Gujarat from 15th to 20th June

According to the meteorological department, the south-west monsoon will arrive in Kerala between May 26 and June 1. The monsoon is forecast to succeed in Gujarat from June 15 to twenty . The monsoon is forecast to stay normal this year. consistent with the meteorological department, the southwest monsoon reached Andaman Nicobar on Friday morning, which could lead on to light to moderate rains in Nicobar.

The temperature rose in cities

The state is slowly feeling the warmth after the hurricane crisis. it’s important to notice that after the hurricane, unseasonal rains lashed many districts to chill the atmosphere. The unseasonal rains also affected farmers’ crops. Now that the climate is changing, temperatures are rising, temperatures are rising in big cities, the meteorological department has also forecast an honest monsoon this year.

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