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Like all state governments, Gujarat is carrying out all departmental processes online using various high and good technologies. After qualifying the tutorial everyone wants to request a simple job according to his qualifications. Nowadays various companies are offering opportunity to new and new candidates.

Gujarat Government Directorate of Employment and Training Register in Employment Exchange Online

The Gujarat State Government also provides this facility to maximum number of women during which they are also ready to get 0% reserved seats. In registration, female applicants can also get an additional 5 years within the regulation. The government offers a variety of counseling and business programs to guide female applicants after enrollment there.
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government-owned office working to get job seekers and employers together. It often happens that some people need a job, but they do not know where to find the job they need. As a result, they are either unemployed or deprived of the job they want. It also sometimes happens that employers do not get the kind of employees or workers they need, because they do not know where such employees or workers will come from. In such circumstances, there is a need for a central body which can provide the necessary information to the above two classes and make them interact with each other. The organization providing such contact is the employment exchange office.
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Jobs Notification to Gujarat Employment Exchange Registration and Renewal Online
Like all the state govt the Gujarat is also making there all the departmental process online via using various high and better technologies. After getting the educational qualification everyone wants to get the best job as per his eligibility. Nowadays various companies are giving chance to new and fresher candidates. Also, the government and non-government popular companies are giving the opportunities to citizens of Gujarat to make a there career. The state govt of Gujarat state and employment exchange department has worked together with the NIC team of state to provide these facilities online. The new job seekers of state and female candidates are able to make there registration on that website and can get all the notification. The official website of Gujarat employment exchange is giving all facilities online to citizens who are still unemployed.

Right now more than 41 employment offices are available in Gujarat state in various districts to provide the registration facilities to candidates / job seekers. Most of all 26 districts have one employment exchange office as per following



All the offices will make your registration and give you to make changes to get the better placement in various govt and non-govt departments in cities. The applicants who belong to the reserved category are able to submit their registration in five cities as per the following:

Chhota – Udaipur

The candidates are able to get the job through the placement by employment exchange which holds by the 8 university centers for employment guidance and information bureaus. The UEBs also handles other works for employment in Gujarat like to provide the registration and other facilities for women and for new job seekers

Employment Exchange Gujarat for Women:
The state govt of Gujarat is also providing this facility for women’s also in which they are able to get 30% reserved seats also. In registration, the female applicants can also get 5 years extra in age limit. The govt also providing various kinds of counseling and vocational programs to guide female applicants after there registration.
Employment Exchange Gujarat for New Job Seekers:
After registration applicants can get notification online through the official website along with the renewal services. In every 3 years of duration, each applicant will have to make there registration again and need to renew his card. On the official portal, you can get the all notification for new jobs along with can get the vocational guidance for there

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registration online through the official website of Hattap:
Can register online through Updated daily to FresherLive. Don’t miss this fruitful one. With fast industrialization and economic process, Gujarat is becoming a fast developing state. The Directorate of Employment and Training has been at the forefront of implementing various skill building programs in Gujarat with the objective of helping people apply for employment and in turn facilitate industrial development.

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